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Chiller Rooms

At the point when stock should be kept chilled or solidified, a business show refrigerator guarantees that it's not just kept at the ideal serving temperature - it likewise alluringly promoted to amplify deals.

Temperature : 0° celsius and above

Applications :

  • Vegetable Cold Rooms
  • Fruit Cold Rooms
  • Medical Cold Rooms
  • Dates Cold Rooms

Deep Freezers

When the stock needs extreme cooling, Deep freezer is the solution.

Temperature : -1° to -25 celsius

Applications :

  • Sea Food Cold Rooms
  • Meat Cold Rooms
  • Frozen Food Cold Rooms

Blast Freezers

When the stock needs extreme freezing below -25 degree celsius to keep it clean & Fresh, Never rethink to go for blast freezers.

Temperature : -20° to -40°celsius

Applications :

  • Chicken Cold Rooms
  • Fish Cold Rooms
  • Meat Cold Rooms

Ripening Chambers

Engineered to simulate nature's ripening process without altering the taste or Freshness. Medfreeze offers ripening chambers available with Pressurized/Reverse air flow evaporators and Humidity controlled rooms. Our Ripening Chambers comprises Ethylene Cylinder & Own make Ethylene Control System.

Applications : Used for the Fruit Ripening Purposes ie, Banana, Mango, Papaya, etc.

Sandwich Panel

Medfreeze sandwich panel is the structure made of three layers: a low-thickness center, and a dainty skin-layer attached to each side. Sandwich boards are utilized in applications where a blend of high auxiliary unbending nature and low weight is required.

Medfreeze Sandwich panels are widely used as an external cladding for single and multi-storey buildings, where they are required to provide weather resistance, and resistance to wind-loading, access loads, self-weight and so on.

Sandwich Panel Range : 50 mm to 150 mm thickness

Cold Room Door

We make a few scope of Doors with center around effortlessness to introduce, profoundly useful, simple to utilize and powerful in development.

  • Swing Doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • Hatch Doors

Condensing Units

The condenser unit plays an important role in this process by essentially dissipating the heat carried to the outdoor unit.

Most dependable consolidating unit product offering conceivable. Utilizing the most recent in blower innovation, every stage gives you the alternative to choose the refrigerant.


Medfreeze Evaporators are intended for business and semi mechanical refrigeration applications or low temperature stockpiling. Watchman plan with air stream straighteners ensuring magnificent wind stream.

The channel dish is planned with adjusted corners and a base slanting toward the channel funnel to guarantee greatest security and cleanliness. Provided with production line wired fans as standard.

Medfreeze Control Panel

We sell control panels of driving brands and furthermore specially fabricated different sizes control board framework for cold rooms and refrigeration frameworks. Every one of our items experience stringent quality checks and observe every worldwide standard of wellbeing and quality.